The Iran Threat: President Ahmadinejad and the Coming Nuclear Crisis by Alireza Jafarzadeh

Iran's terror role in Iraq

CNN Headline News, February 22, 2007


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Glenn Beck: The Bush Administration has said that Iranian Special Forces are believed to be supplying weapons to insurgents targeting and killing our soldiers in Iraq. Today they are backing it up with some pretty big news. U.S. officials have confirmed what has already been rumored in the news circles for a while. One of the Iranian operatives they caught last December was a brigadier general. This is number three ranking officer in the Al Qods force Ė Iíll define that for you here in a second. Let me repeat this. The United States has arrested an Iranian Special Forces Brigadier General inside Iraq. Bold move to say the least. President Bush blames the Al Qods, the paramilitary arm of Iranís Revolutionary Guards for meddling in security situation in Iraq. It seems like he may be taking the gloves off now and backing up tough talk with action but what action is it and how bad does it get from here? Joining me now is retired General David Grange. He is a military analyst and Alireza Jafarzadeh; he is the author of The Iran Threat: President Ahmadinejad and the Coming Nuclear Crisis. General, Let me start with you. If this isnít an act of war, what is an act of war?


David Grange: Well it is obvious that this Special Forces General from the Al Qods force is not there to coordinate any kind of domestic policy or provisional reconstruction team work. He is there to advise on training, to move weaponry and munitions to be used against Americans or other threats that they identify.


Glenn Beck: You know, I donít see a happy ending going into Iran or fighting a war with Iran. How should we react to this?


David Grange: Well I believe what is happening right now and has been going on for some time, itís increased offensive operations to identify and target to capture and eliminate if necessary and illegal influence by Iran on the movement of Iraq, to finish its democratic governance type mission and they maybe not directly kill Americans but they provide a means to help kill Americans both with any sect. It could be Shiite or it could be Sunni. Many disagree with that but again they are providing these types of weapons and munitions against Americans.


Glenn Beck: Alireza what exactly is the Qods Force? These are the nasty ones arenít they?


Alireza Jafarzadeh: Glenn, the Qods force is the most elite, and the deadliest, nastiest force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards known as the Rev Guards formed in the early nineties. They do nothing but terrorism. They are heavily involved in Iraq. In fact everything the Iranian regime does in Iraq goes through the Qods force and they have been heavily involved in Lebanon. They have been heavily involved in a number of major terrorist attacks including the Khobar Tower attack in Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Community Center bombing in Argentina. Right now the Qods force operatives are heavily involved all over the country sending weapons, explosives, money, training and the headquarters in Tehran also has a logistical base in Ahwaz near the border that monitors every activity and they are on a constant day to day communication with their network inside Iraq that by the way operates under different covers. You know they cover under benign covers. They cover under benign looking front organizations in Najaf, in Karbala, down south in Kut, in Al Amara and Basra and they are the deadliest force and they need to be confronted.


Glenn Beck: You guys both are talking about these guys, that they are involved in all kinds of things. Iraq needs to be left to do the things they need to do to be a strong country. Let me tell you something. There was a story in the New York Times that I read this weekend that puzzled me. It was a story about how our guards caught somebody. He is the son of a top Shiite leader, political leader in Iraq. This manís son was crossing back into Iraq when U.S. guards caught him and it caused a political nightmare over the weekend for the guys. This is why it makes sense that this Iranian General is announced. We caught him in December. The reason why I think we captured this son, and didnít let him go is because we caught the General in that Shiite Leaderís house in Iraq. The fatherís house, he was spending time with this General. I have a feeling that we are going to find that there are members of this parliament in Iraq that are in cahoots with Iran. Am I wrong? Is this nuts?


Alireza Jafarzadeh: Absolutely, you are correct Glenn. I am getting a lot of information from my sources inside Iran. Sources associated to the Main Iranian Opposition that revealed all of the major nuclear sites of Iran, NCRI. They suggest that right now there are at least 32,000 Iranian agents. I am talking about Iraqis on the payroll of Tehran. Some of them actually sit on the Iraqi parliament. There are members of the security forces, Interior Ministry, on various ministries in the country. They are really running the whole operation. That needs to be stopped.


Glenn Beck: General, one more thought from you. What keeps you up at night and you say, "Oh geez, I hope this doesnít happen." Is there anything?

David Grange: Well of course, but one thing here on the Iraq piece. Right now American soldiers are dieing because of this influence. If you look at the three things tat would keep you up about this region of this world, three of them are produced by Iran. One; Iran becomes and nuclear weaponry type power. Two; their support of terrorism around the world, especially with Hammas, Hezbollah and others and rely right now, the close target. The thing that is effecting us the most right now is their influence in killing Americans and keeping Iraq from transitioning in the direction we are trying to get it to go. We are trying to make it successful.


Glenn Beck: General, Alireza, thank you very much. 

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